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You will need: 

• A4 card: red and white

• Folded Paper Dragon Templates

• Scissors

• Glue

• Ruler

• Pen

• Felt-tip pens

1) First, take the ruler and mark 4cm and 8cm along the bottom of the red card.

2) Repeat this at the top of the card.

3) Next, join up the 4cm dots and the 8cm dots respectively
using a ruler.

4) Carefully cut along these lines to produce two strips of
card that are equal in width and length.

5) Add a dab of glue to the end of one of the strips.

6) Place the other strip of card on top of the glue so that

the strips meet at right angles. The corners and edges

should match up, but the strips will be perpendicular to

each other.

7) Next, take the strip of card that is at the bottom of the

pile and fold it over so it lies on the top of the stack of card

we are creating. Line up the edges and press down to make

a crisp fold.

8) Now, repeat this action. Identify the strip that is not at

the top of the pile and fold it over so that it lies at the top

of the pile.

9) Repeat these folding steps until you reach the end of
your strips of card. When the strips are only long enough
for one more fold, add a dab of glue on the top of the stack
before making the final fold.

10) Cut off any excess card from the strips and keep this to
one side - you will need it later. You have now created the
bouncy body of your dragon.

11) Print the Folded Paper Dragon Templates onto white
card and decorate them using the felt-tip pens.

12) Carefully cut out the decorated templates.

13) Take the piece of excess card cut off at Step 10 and fold
it in half. You will use this as a tab to attach the
dragon’s head to the body.

14) Glue one half of the tab to the top of the dragon’s body.

15) Glue the other half of the tab to the back of the
dragon’s head.

16) Fold down the tab on the tail template.

17) Add a dab of glue to the folded tab and use this to
glue the tail to the base of the dragon so the tail stands up
the back of the dragon.

18) Glue two legs near the top and two legs near the
bottom of the folded body on either side.

19) Fold the tabs of the wings and use these to stick the

wings between the folded layers on the back of the dragon’s


20) You now have a bouncy dragon!
Press down on the body using your
finger then release to watch your
character bounce around.




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